Jumla Region

Jumla Region :

The largest lake of the Nepal Rara lake is situated in Mugu district in the far western region of Nepal, near Gam Ghadi (district-headquarters of Mugu) and Talcha airstrip. Jumla Rara Lake belongs to “off the beaten track' and affords glimpses of cultures and scenery. The surrounding lake area was declared as Rara National Park in 1976. Rara national park is the smallest national park of Nepal,is known as the home of the many animals. We can see musk deer, leopard, Ghoral, Himalayan Thar, Himalayan black bear and the rare red pandas. Numerous species of birds and alpine flowers are also available in this area. The nature’s paradise is of course dreamland for botanists as well as bird watchers.

Despite of being the smallest National park of Nepal, the astonishingly beautiful and amazing sceneries are available. There is no doubt that the spectacular scenery and its serenity will bring inner peace to any visitors, basically this lake was shaped in oval and as you know this is the largest lake of the Nepal, the lake is expanded at (10.8 sq. km at 2,990 meters). Rara lake is also known as the Mahendra Tal (name after Late king Mahendra of Nepal). It is 5 Km long by 2 Km in width. The lake is all surrounded by the richly forested hills, coniferous forest, rhododendron, black juniper, west Himalayan spruce and oak.

It looks like a blue nymph in the clear day even from a long distance. The high altitude lake Rara which mirrors the snow capped Himalayas is ringed with pine, while enjoying beautiful blue lake between green forests, cold wind may of course blow your heart. The varieties of ethnic groups such as the Magar, Gurung and hill people of Hindu caste origin have been dwelling in this region. In terms of cast variation studies in the surrounding, the life-style of Thakuri is significant one. They reflect themselves as the modern one from various perspectives. The particular interest are the Thakuri, The lifestyle of the people there gives trekkers chance to reflect on his/her own modern society.