Five Easy Ways to Facilitate Everest Base Camp Trek

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Nepal is a land blessed with breathtaking landscape. It has the eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world. So, naturally, this country is also a top destination for trekkers.

Among all the trekking routes, the Everest Base Camp trek is the most popular trek. This legendary route will take you the base of the highest mountain in the world

But before reaching the base camp, you will walk for a number of days witnessing the spectacular beauty of this region. You will also experience the wonderful view of the mountains and meet amazing people of this region.

Your journey will start after you take a flight from Kathmandu and land on the famous Lukla airport which has been dubbed as the world’s most dangerous airport.

This trek would certainly be a one to cherish but in order to fully enjoy this trek, you should take certain precautions.

You need to properly plan your trip and take certain things into consideration so that you can enjoy your trek without being interrupted by anything.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Holidays in Nepal

Mount Ama Dablam, Lhotse and Everest view from right to left seen during our Everest Base Camp Trek

Here are some the tips that you should pay attention to before you head for your trek.

1. Training
The Everest Base Camp trek can be quite challenging. With rugged terrains and crazy altitude, this trek certainly takes the trophy for being a challenging trek.

You will be required to walk 6-7 hours every day. So, it is important that you train for your trek. You can opt to use different types of training methods to become fit for your trek.

Cardiovascular training is can be a really useful way to prepare for your trek. This training involves walking, biking, swimming, etc. You can also choose to do stair training, trail running and hiking.

Strength training would be another effective way to train. This form of training involves conditioning your leg muscles, shoulders and your back. You can train doing pull ups, sit ups, crunches and military presses.

Keep in mind that you use proper running shoes while you train. In case you have problems such as plantar fasciitis or bad knees, you can find appropriate running shoes for these problems.

If you are looking for running shoes for your bad knees, you can find the best women’s running shoes for bad knees here.
You can also go to hikes regularly and this will help you adapt easily when you trek. If you are fit and healthy while you trek, you will be able to enjoy the trek.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Holidays in Nepal

Trekkers with Mount Ama Dablam view background during Everest Base Camp Trek

2. Packing Light
One of the mistakes that people make when they trek is that they carry unnecessary items. This makes their bag heavy and causes a burden while they trek.

The trick is to pack smart and only take what is necessary. The weight of the bag should not weigh you down.

You will be walking for 6-7 hours a day and will come across challenging terrains so packing light would burden you.

Carry lightweight down jackets and proper hiking pants for your trek. If you are looking for the best hiking pants, here they are.

Also, if you think bringing all the items from home would be a problem, you can opt to buy trekking items in Kathmandu. You can rent few items too.

3. Take Care of Yourself
Trekking demands a lot of energy and it is surely going to be demanding. You will walk for a number of days and about 6-7 hours each day. This will certainly be a challenge.

In order to fully enjoy the trek, you need to plan accordingly. If you are not sure about trekking alone, you can always opt for a guide. They are experienced as well as speak proper English.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Also, walk at a pace that you think is appropriate without pushing yourself too hard.

You will be immersing yourself in a separate world with a spectacular view of the mountains and meet amazing people, why not take it slow?

Another tip would be that you should carry food items but make sure they don’t occupy much space. Just to be on the safe side, you can also take handheld hiking GPS. This fantastic device can locate your position anywhere on the planet. If you are looking for a dependable handheld hiking GPS, you will find the best handheld hiking GPS here.

Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary and Cost

Visit Himalaya Treks Clients and staffs at Everest Base Camp 5364 meters.

4. Altitude Sickness
Altitude sickness is one of the most common problems during treks. But don’t be worried, if you take simple precautions, you will be fine.

To start with, there are 3 types of altitude sickness. The first being the Acute Mountain Sickness. This is the most common one.

There other two types – HAPE and HACE are quite serious and can turn fatal if necessary steps are not taken.

Altitude sickness usually happens when you ascend quickly. The air is quite thin in areas with high altitudes. So, your body won’t have the time to get used to the rapidly increasing altitude.

It would be helpful if you walk slow and steady and let your body adapt to changing altitude.

In case you start feeling the wrath of altitude sickness, you should immediately start your descent.  You need to highly careful regarding this matter but don’t worry about it as with simple precautions you can easily avoid altitude sickness.

5. Use a Tour Company
The safest way to trek in Nepal would be to take a tour company. Tour companies provide all the necessary arrangements, using reputable Trekking company makes your trip of lime time more memorable with safest way.

It is possible to do the Everest Base Camp Trek on your own. But you will be required to go through the entire process on your own, which quite frankly is time-consuming.

So, opting for a tour company would be a smart decision. They will arrange everything and all you need to do is show up.

In case you’re wondering that language will be a problem, please don’t. These companies provide English speaking guide for the entirety of the trek. Also, these guides are well versed with the route. So, you won’t miss out on anything. If you want a hassle-free trip, you should definitely opt for a tour company.

The Everest Base Camp Trek will surely be an adventurous trip for you. It has everything you want from a trek. I hope the tips provided will be of great help for you. we design trip itineraries with well planed with includes enough days to acclimatization, therefore Visit Himalaya Treks clients has opportunity to complete Everest Base Camp trek with full of enjoyments with our experience guides and supporters staffs.

Also, we at Visit Himalaya Treks would be honored to be at your service. Please get in touch with us if you require any trekking packages.

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