Dolpo Region

Dolpo Region : Dolpo Region is one of the most remote areas of Nepal, also called Dolpa. Upper Dolpo is situated in the western region of Nepal; it lies to the north of the Dhaulagiri range and the border side of Tibet. The northern part of Dolpo is usually called inner Dolpo (Upper Dolpo) and has long had aura of mysticism about it. As people know this area is the most remote area of Nepal, that’s why hidden destination in far west where Nepal’s most tranquil and natural beauty is still unexplored and can be found.

Upper Dolpo, truly an isolated corner of Nepal was not known before “Caravan ", but this aesthetic movie contributed to its knowledge in western countries. Geographically Upper Dolpo is a part of the Tibetan Plateau and is generally dry, cold and sparsely vegetated which is unlike most other parts of the Nepal Himalayas. It has fascinating villages and beautiful scenery and peace. Most of the people of Dolpo region are belong with Tibetan Buddhism; Dolpo is Bon-pro country, where people practice a shamanistic religion predating Tibetan Buddhism. Bon is the Tibetan religion that pre-dates Tibetan Buddhism. Because of the weather and it’s ecosystem, it’s difficult to produce crops over this land, which makes the local life more complex. So, most of the people of Dolpo region are involved in the salt trade from Tibet, and this traditional culture has been continued in Dolpo generation to generation.

The view of Kanjiroba peak, Phoksundo Lake, and the Dhaulagiri massif is one of the most breathtaking moments of this trek. This area does not only offer the deepest lake of “Phokshendu” and biggest waterfall of “Suligard water fall”. The goal of most trekkers to inner Dolpo (upper Dolpo) is mainly to step at Shey Gompa. This area is protected by the Shey Phoksundo National park. You are rewarded with several types of flora and fauna in this region. Besides this, a well preserved eco-system of plants and wildlife, for example the blue sheep, the mysterious snow leopard, great Tibetan sheep, musk deer and Tibetan horse, wild flowers really stun you. Moreover, this area is also known as the home of herbal.

This trek begins from “Jhupal” and it follows the trail to “Dunai” on the way of crossing many places like Tarakot, Bangle camp, this is the highest point of this trek, and after that it passes through the “Sanu Bheri’ village then finally we reach the beautiful “Phoksundo lake” which is the Dippiest Lake in the Nepal, a part of the “Sheyphoksundo national park”.